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What To Know When Booking A Sightseeing Tour

Exploring a new place can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a bucket list to stick to. If you want to make the most out of your time, you have to research your destination long before the trip. Once you know what are the most important things to see, you can either book the right sightseeing tour or to make your own itinerary and schedule.


Some tourists prefer not to bother with choosing transportation and scheduling visits to the most important objectives in the area, so they try to book the best sightseeing tour right off the bat. Here’s what you need to know if you are one of the people who prefer this kind of trip


First of all, no tour will ever cover everything that’s to be seen in a certain place. You need to choose the one that includes those objectives you really want to visit. Sometimes, you may want to book two or even more tours, in order to allow for some leisure and relaxation time. Speaking of relaxation, you should make sure your tour isn’t longer than what you can put up with. If you know that you can’t walk or sit for too long, you shouldn’t book a one-day tour, because you may get tired long before it’s over. This will create an unpleasant situation, so it’s best to avoid it by making sure the tour won’t exceed your physical capabilities. Moreover, if your fitness level isn’t the best, you may want to avoid adventure tours that include trekking, hiking or whatever other intense activities.


The best thing to do when searching for the best tours is to choose only those that cater to people in your age group. This applies to elderly people, but also to very young adult who may not want to go on a tour with their grandparents. There’s nothing wrong with mixing ages, but when you want to cover as much as possible in a sightseeing experience, the last thing you need is to be slowed down by other members of the group. There are groups for senior travelers for a reason; everybody will want to explore at a similar pace, so there will be harmony and understanding between the group members. When people with very different physical capabilities and needs have to travel together, some of them are going to be uncomfortable. This is the reason for wanting to join a homogenous group, so take care when you do your research.


Last but not least, make your booking as soon as you know for sure you’re going to travel on a specific date. The best tours are the first to become sold out, so you may not be able to find anything available if you wait until the last minute. Even worse, some people try to book their tours upon arrival. This is also a mistake, especially when travelling during the peak season, when everybody and their dog want to explore the most popular attractions and landmarks.…



  • Hope

Hope is the desire to cherish an expectation   and anticipation. There are three things that make humans hopeful. The first is to approach life in a goal oriented manner. The second is to find different ways to get to the goal. Thirdly is to believe in one self that the goal can be achieved. Hope defines the pathway to achieve one’s goal through positive thinking and making pathways. Hope has the power to heal. An individual has the power and the ability to think both constructively and obstructively. An individual‘s determination to overcome obstacles of any form gives rise to hope and improves their life satisfaction and recovery process. World over hope is being used   in treatment programs in both physical and mind stages. It has been successfully used chronic physical and terminal illness. Hope is used as a supplement

  • Dignity

Dignity is the state of being worthy honored or esteemed. As a famous saying goes “Dignity of the human person is rooted in his or her creation in the likeness of God” Dignity of the human person is not only a fundamental right in itself but it must be respected and protected. Dignity of the human person is the substance even as per the International Human Rights Law.

Dignity of the human person whether gay, lesbian, transgender has to be maintained at all cost .Human dignity is harmed when groups and individuals are marginalized, ignored or devalued.

  • Sympathy

Sympathy is an abstract expression   which means fellow feeling. It is the ability to share someone’s feelings. This state gives people of different religions or color to share the same opinions or goals. Sympathy is a feeling that says that one cares without saying it. The expression may be read in the eyes, gesture or touch.

  • Empathy vs Sympathy

Empathy is the ability to experience the feelings of another person while sympathy is caring and understanding the feeling of others. In empathy it is a personal understanding while in sympathy it understands the experience of others. The feeling of sympathy starts from the recognition that another person is suffering where as in empathy the others pain or suffering is felt. Of the two, empathy is deeper but sympathy can also be honest and deep rooted. Empathy can serve a s a bridge  for greater communication between individuals. The basis for both empathy and sympathy is compassion. It is a blending of understanding and expanded by being able to feel the other person’s emotions. Sometimes empathy is confused with pity. The fact that pity is a feeling of discomfort

Basic emotions such as fear and anger are two of the six strong emotions in human beings. The other four are disgust, happiness, sadness and surprise. Being hard wired basic emotions  are automatic and fast and they trigger a behavior which we in human terms call impulsive. At time s complex emotions such as nostalgia or humility are never attributed to infants and animals…