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The History Of Thai Food

Like all other national foods, Thai food has a history that is both interesting and deeply entwined with the religious and cultural roots of the country. The different ways of cooking have been influenced by the goods available in the country, those that are imported, the various different military conflicts that have happened over the years, and the culture of immigrants as well. This has led to a food culture that has some of the spiciest foods in the world but also some of the sweetest, and a large variety of different cooking methods. The way that the culture is modernizing is also reflected in the food and shows an attempt to blend the old with the new.

The first thing that most people think of when they think of Thai food is the spice that is in so many different dishes. Going to a restaurant and ordering something “Thai spicy” is enough for most people to start sweating buckets and guzzling down Thai iced tea, but the reasoning behind the spice is actually really interesting. As most people know, Thailand has an extremely hot climate, which people cope with by eating spicy food. The food makes them sweat and cools them down, making the air much more comfortable.

The History Of Thai Food

Another reason for the spice is that it adds a lot of flavor and helps give foods that might have an otherwise unpleasant taste a good flavor. It is almost always going to be balanced by something sweet or salty, giving a complex flavor that would fall flat if the spice was removed.

Another common thing that people think of when it comes to Thai food is the use of lemongrass and tamarind. Ab blend of these or one of the other by themselves can be found in everything from curry to Phad Thai, the most popular Thai dish around. These highly flavored spices feature heavily in Thai cuisine because they are easy to grow into the tropical climates, are easy to replace, and because they are thought to have medicinal properties as well.

Finally, many people think of vegetarian or vegan food when they think of Thailand. This too has been influenced by the culture and the religion of the region. Because the country has been majority Buddhist for a very long time, many people within the country choose to eat a diet free from meat, seeking to lessen the suffering in the world. This has led to a culture where there are a large number of dishes that do not contain meat and that are not flavored with animal products as well. Vegans can pay Vegan Restaurant Brisbane a visit to experience the Asian original vegan foods.

Modern day Thai food reflects the region as it once was and as it is today. Over the years more western products such as bread and different noodles have managed to find their way into the food, but the strong flavor palette and the commitment of the citizens to their original ways has ensured that Thai food will always maintain the characteristics that have defined its history so well.

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