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WordPress, Social Media And Digital Marketing for Youths

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Getting into online marketing is great for youths. But you have to be safe and make sure you aren’t taken advantage of. Here is a brief overview of your options with digital marketing.

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS systems. Millions of blogs and websites run on this open source platform. Most people use it because it’s free. Nonetheless, WordPress is very well built, it has an army of web developers and coders working behind it, and it is extremely effective when it comes to optimizing your website for search engines, social media and digital marketing.

Although WordPress is a powerful system in itself, its value is multiplied by the big number of plugins that provide added functionality. For instance, you can install a plugin for sharing your posts across your favorite social media networks. You can use plugins that invite people to subscribe to your newsletters. You can install plugins that allow you to define polls in order to get a better understanding of your reader profile. Even if your website design is old, you can still make it actual by using a plugin which adds a responsive layer to your pages. Your readers using mobile devices are going to enjoy a seamless experience, just like desktop users, without you having to pay for a website redesign.

The best thing about WordPress is that everyone can make a professionally looking website in as little as a few hours, without having to spend anything, except for buying the domain name and renting hosting space on a server. Even a 10 year old can have his own website up and running without needing any help from professionals. On the other hand, huge digital marketing agencies use and recommend WordPress for the websites of their most important clients. Top companies in the world use this system to power their websites. Top online newspapers also use it. Thanks to its flexibility, WordPress is the software of choice of most business owners and managers. Of course, a multi-million company is going to pay relatively large fees to have custom designs and unique functionality added to their websites. However, the engine of their websites is the same as the engine of millions of blogs of stay at home moms out there.

WordPress allows measuring the performance of your website via plugins that integrate with Google Analytics or other tracking systems. You can have a clear picture of what happens on your website in real life, you can interact with your readers and you can get valuable insight that can help you improve your conversion rate. You can set goals and measure your performance, you can design landing pages for your best products and you can use smart funnel systems to lead your readers towards your goals. Everything is possible, provided that you find the right plugin. If there’s no plugin to do what you need, you can always hire a programmer to develop it for you. All these make it a must for every business to have a professional website, as if you aren’t online today, you don’t exist. You need to be where your target consumers are, which means you need a strong web presence. But with all this information, don’t forget internet safety

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